Annual General Meeting 2022

The Perth branch AGM was held on Thursday 12th May 2022 as advertised. All positions became vacant and the results of the nominations was managed by Mark (Dicko) Dixon as chairman for the AGM. The result being that the existing committee was re-elected unopposed.

President:  John Gliddon
Secretary:  Mike Parsonage
Treasurer:  Tony Southall
Committee Members:  Wayne Bavin
Jim Cheeseman
David Gresser
Barrie Nelson
Bruce Davis
David Nicholson
Committee Members

The additional position holders were confirmed in the roles as follows:

Ride Coordinator:  Wayne Bavin
Web Master:Mike Parsonage
Mark Dixon  
Quartermaster:Lyn Daly
Welfare Support:  David Gresser
Master of Ceremonies:  David Nicholson
Social Co-ordinators:  Vacant
Position Holders